Aug. 3rd, 2010

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I have found the solution! Luperish is a Percy/Luke fanfic community! It is awesome! No more exclamation marks!

Well, all silliness aside, it is a cool community. So far it appears to be mostly fanfic although there are no rules against fanart or other such fan made works that are not fanfiction. You do have to be nice though. That is such a great rule. Everybody should be nice all the time :) but not necessarily smiling all the time because that is kind of creepy...

Anywho, the url is (cross your fingers lj doesn't goof it up and I have to edit). Feel free to check it out.

p.s. They have TAGS! I love tags. They make everything so much easier. So, if you like tags (and of course Percy/Luke) check it out!

EDIT: Go lj! No mess up!...but I ended up editing anyway...funny how that works (forgot tags too, bad me!)


Aug. 3rd, 2010 07:48 pm
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I just got Sanctuary Season 1 on DVD (*squee*). I have only seen bits and pieces of season 2 - which I didn't like but I'll watch in whole someday - and none of season 3 - again, will watch someday. Anywho, in season 1, I like all the characters (but Ashley? Ashlee? whatever? is a bit of a snob, well spoiled brat more like but she is still a good person/character). I like the Henry/Will pairing.

While I am talking SciFi/Syfy, Eureka! No not the epiphany moment type thing but the TV show. My favorite characters are Nathan and Jack (also my favorite pairing followed by Jack and Nathan and Allison). I have not seen the new season although *SPOILER* I have heard that Nathan comes back. YEAH! I'm so excited! (Anybody catch the Cat in the Hat reference - hey I babysit).

That's all. Ta!


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