Sep. 30th, 2010

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This is an answer to a prompt by whiteraven1606’s Star Trek (2009) Kink Meme prompt:

“George didn't die with the Kelvin Winona did. Jim was born a day or two prior and it was him and George on the shuttle. George goes to Amanda (old flame, knew from school, idk) and stays with her family. Amanda and George are attracted to each other and Sarek likes it.

Sarek/Amanda/George threesome raising Jim and Spock.”

(original prompt located at: )

Or rather, this is part one (of possibly like 10+ parts). Also, this is unbetad so all mistakes are me and feel free to point them out…I will attempt to fix them (although I am weird and may have intentionally left something that way…I will let you know in a reply comment if that happens). Also feel free to point out anything you think is awkward or could be better (sentence and grammar wise. I don’t think anything can fix the idea XD).

SO, details:

Title: George is alive! (As you can see, the title is also a work in progress. This is kind of a chapter title so at the end/completion of the fic, I may go back and fix the titles).
Author: t_l_p_d
Genre: …all of them?
Rating: Eventually M/NC-17 but for now … Pg or Pg-13 -ish
Summary: Response to Whiteraven1606’s really awesome prompt! (Or as described above)
Status: WIP
Warnings: Cursing/profanity, mpreg, slash, threesome, alive!George, notnice!Winona, OC’s (mostly there as filler characters, none are REALLY important), others to be determined

p.s. I totally wanted to put ‘IDK my BFF Jim?’ as the title but it doesn’t really fit so…

p.p.s. I am fudging some facts here (about shifts and things) as I am mainly a Next Generation fan and not an Original Series fan so if something is glaringly wrong, or just generally annoys you, feel free to point it out. I may comment nicely back at you and change or not change the fic but let’s wait until that is a problem before we may problems, yes?

p.p.p.s. also fudging military time. Again, correcting is nice :) And the mpreg but IDK if anyone can correct me on that yet.

p.p.p.p.s. I totally put my iPod on shuffle as I was typing this and “A Thousand Words” by Savage Garden came on (it totally fits, wait ‘til you read the chapter … and possibly the next chapter).

p.p.p.p.p.s. (one too many pppppps) There are at least two references to other fandoms (on is kind of a reference to two fandoms at once). First person (or any person) to spot them gets a cookie).

Part One )

TBC… (hopefully either this weekend or at least by next Thursday – that’s my official mental deadline but if I get done earlier, I’ll post).


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