Oct. 7th, 2010

ST Part Two

Oct. 7th, 2010 09:49 pm
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Title: Divorce Sucks
Author: t_l_p_d
Genre: …all of them?
Rating: Eventually M/NC-17 but for now … Pg or Pg-13 -ish
Summary: Response to Whiteraven1606’s really awesome prompt! (see part one)
Status: WIP
Warnings: Cursing/profanity, mpreg, slash, threesome, alive!George, notnice!Winona, OC’s (mostly there as filler characters, none are REALLY important), an insane amount of contractions that will probably decrease once the Vulcans are on the scene (a little Vulcan humor there :D), others to be determined

Authors Note 1 (see no more ppps and ssss XD): Ok, I didn’t realize how short this was going to be (and I am sick so blah) and I have no college/work Mon/Tues (although Tues is my brother’s birthday) so I will be updating before Tuesday and then again on next Thursday (possibly twice over the weekend b/c there might be another short part in there ... I can’t read my handwriting).

2: As always (so last time and this time) feel free to comment with questions or concerns or corrections or suggestions or ... something related (or not related, whatever).

3. This is kind of an interlude chapter. I may go into more detail after I’ve finished the fic (with like a 2.5 or something) but for now, this is it :) /totally unintentional reference there. My teenage cousin must be rubbing off ... bad mental image!/

4. I just realized I probably don’t say this anywhere in my lj or fanfic.net account but I am female but I have never been pregnant so any mpreg or pregnancy things are what I have heard or read. (Feel free to correct but I figured that stereotypical information was ok in this case because it will really only be mentioned in a couple of parts and briefly in some of those - like that it happened ... Jim has to know someday doesn’t he?).

5. You are all welcome that I did not make this a cliff hanger. I hate those so when I got the idea (you’ll see), I just kept going. (please ignore the medical reasoning that sounds a lot like b.s.)

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