Oct. 14th, 2010

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Title: Sam!
Author: t_l_p_d
Genre: …all of them?
Rating: Eventually M/NC-17 but for now … Pg or Pg-13 -ish
Summary: Response to Whiteraven1606’s really awesome prompt! (see part one)
Status: WIP
Warnings: Cursing/profanity, mpreg, slash, threesome, alive!George, notnice!Winona, OC’s (mostly there as filler characters, none are REALLY important), an insane amount of contractions that will probably decrease once the Vulcans are on the scene (a little Vulcan humor there :D), others to be determined

Author’s Note 1: So I was looking over the first two parts and at least the second one has really bad grammar. My only excuse is that I was half out of my mind with exhaustion, allergies, a fever, and who knows what else. So at some point I will go back over all of the parts and fix the grammar.

2: There are some purposeful spelling mistakes - I tried to write it how Sam would say it.

3: So an earlier update did not happen and I don’t think this is much longer (would you believe my dog or rather my mom‘s dog - I am a cat person - ate my notes so I have no idea what was originally going in this part). My excuse here is that Monday I was sick with an extreme case of laziness and Tuesday I got dragged to places all day because it was my brother’s birthday (and the weekend was gone in a snap).

4. I’ve added Lj-Cuts to this one and the two parts before (b/c I think it looks cool XD).

Part Three )

Author’s note 5: Is it weird George calls his mom ‘Mother’?


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