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Ok so three new fandoms. Well two semi-new, a couple of months old one and one a few weeks old.

One of the semi-new ones is Criminal Minds. :) My favorite characters are Dr. Spencer Reid and Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner followed by Jack Hotchner (because children are adorable). I like the pairing Reid/Hotch (a little obvious eh?) but I also like Reid/Hotch/other male character such as Morgan.

I do not have a preference of Gideon or Rossi although I do think it was kind of shitty for Gideon to abandon the team like that (interesting real life parallel with actor...ironic dontcha think?). I do however prefer Emily Prentiss to Elle Greenway. I like all the main characters except for Haley Hotchner but that's only because I think she was stupid to marry someone in the legal system (Hotch was a prosecuter and then joined the FBI like he is now) and expect them to not be busy and to not care a lot about the job. That was a duh for me. Plus, divorce! I mean seriously you are so self-centered that even though you just had a baby and are still in love with Hotch, you are going to get a divorce! Anyway, I am decent enough to feel bad that the character died but it was kind of a relief in a way because now Hotch doesn't have to worry about a custody battle or stuff like that [have I mention his son Jack is adorable? ;)]

Moving on to the next semi-new fandom - it is NCIS: Los Angeles. I love the actor who plays G Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and the other character are awesome! Hetty is hysterical! (a little exclamation point happy today...sorry :P). The pairing I favor is Sam/Callen although I do like a nice Callen/Eric.

On a side note:
I now have the dilemma of thinking Eric (NCIS:LA), Abby (NCIS), and Garcia (Criminal Minds) are the best lab techs ever! I feel like I should pick a favorite but...they're all my favorites! Oh well...

The third and most new fandom is ..../duh duh duh dun!/....Percy Jackson! I saw the movie first because I hadn't heard of the series before I saw the advertisements for the movie and my Latin teacher suggested that I see the movie first because the movie was different than the books. And it was. Not in a bad way. In a movie-adaption kind of way. I liked both versions. The book was made to be a series and the movie was made to be successful on its own or a series (depending on how popular it gets).

So movie fun facts! Logan Lerman, who plays Percy Jackson, is the youngest actor, in the four main character (in my opinion), at having just turned 18 in January. Next is Jake Abel, who plays Luke Castellan, is the next youngest at turning 23 in November. Then, Alexandra Daddario, who plays Annabeth, just turned 24 in March. Last is Brandon T. Jackson who plays Grover and turned 26 in March. Interesting huh? (p.s. Logan Lerman and Jake Abel are hot! - finally! i have located my inner teenage girl! i was wondering where she was! :P)

Anywho, my favorite pairing is Percy/Luke (as the doodles all over my Latin notes will show). I just think they could have had something great - well there's a weird sentence. But seriously, I see great potential for the pairing (if you ignore a certain (SPOILER) event in the last book). Plus I don't like the Percabeth pairing. Besides the annoying nickname given to the pairing, I don't particularly like the Annabeth pairing. People who think they know more than other people because of one thing (such as your mother being the goddess of wisdom :P) bothers me. I do like the other characters such as Zoe, Hermes, Nico (I've always felt that Hades had a raw deal. Poseidon too but not as much because Poseidon gets the sea which is wonderful and Hades gets to deal with the dead...a little depressing if you ask me. Also, what's all this flack about abducting his love/wife Persephone? We'll yell at Hades for kidnapping his love who (eventually) loves him and who he is faithful to but not yell at Zeus for infidelity? Even though Zeus is married to the goddess of marriage? Is this not a bit confusing? I say it is!...but that's my opinion. I would never force my opinion on you. If you choose to read it, that's not my fault...but I will commend you for good taste :P) et cetera (I could go on. I liked a lot of characters. I even liked Athena a little although I found her characterization a little arrogant). I am however divided on Zeus's character. There was not a lot of interaction with Zeus (aside from the whole 'you stole my thunder, give it back or die!' thing :P).


SO I just wanted to give an update. Let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Also, if you want a rec or a rec list. I am currently scouring the Internet for Percy/Luke - no one is updating *pout* - and so would be glad to help any other fic hunters out there!


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