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Title: Meet the Family
Author: t_l_p_d
Genre: …all of them?
Rating: Eventually M/NC-17 but for now … Pg or Pg-13 -ish
Summary: Response to Whiteraven1606’s really awesome prompt! (see part one)
Status: WIP
Warnings: Cursing/profanity, mpreg, slash, threesome, alive!George, notnice!Winona, OC’s (mostly there as filler characters, none are REALLY important), an insane amount of contractions that will probably decrease once the Vulcans are on the scene (a little Vulcan humor there :D), others to be determined

Author’s Note: Totally made up the ‘radeeli’.

A.N. 2: It is really hard to write. I mean the muses are with me but it takes forever! And I do not have forever! I have got to manage my time better (meaning less reading, more writing XD).

A.N. 3: Also, sorry I cannot spell ‘determined’ (it’s is in the warnings but I’ve now gone and fixed it twice! Twice!).


“Sam, what did I tell you about answering the door?”

“Ta not to.”

“Exactly. Do you remember what else I said?”

“Yep! You said that one day I am going to answer the door and it will be a big ol’ meanie who wants to eat me!”

A gentle laugh drew George’s attention from his son. Jesus, Amanda had only gotten more beautiful with age. While Winona had claimed to be his girlfriend since age eleven (they had actually gotten together at age seventeen when George had been a little too randy to be single and Winona had chased everyone in Sptheir small town away), Amanda had been his best friend since age five. Their grandparents had been neighbors and little George and Amanda had often been regulated to the playroom while their parents gossiped.

“Greetings.” the deep voice had George slide his attention to his childhood friend’s husband. Sarek was tall, dark, and handsome. He had a few inches on George who had a few inches on Amanda. Sarek’s demeanor was solemn although his features betrayed no emotion.

“Hello. Since Sam has received you in, why don’t I direct you into the dining room. Dinner will be served in a few minutes.” George led the group into the dining room, only noticing Sybok (who had been hidden behind his father’s robes) when Sam had pounced and drug Sybok over to the table demanding that Sybok sit next to him. Sybok glanced at his father, who inclined his head slightly downward, and then Sybok followed Sam meekly.

George withdrew after showing Amanda Jim’s playpen. She immediately placed the baby on her hip - Spock - into the playpen next to a gazing-at-a-mobile Jim.

He returned to the kitchen to check on the radeeli. It was done. Perfect. He brought in each platter, the radeeli, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and bread, and set them onto the table. The radeeli received a raised eyebrow from Sarek and a gleam of delight (and slight suspicion as to how a Vulcan food had come to be in George’s kitchen).

Before George sat down, Sam whined, “Daddy.”

“Sorry kiddo. One sec.” George withdrew to the kitchen and grabbed the forgotten salad. He placed the large bowl next to Sam and sat down.

“Everything looks wonderful, George,” Amanda complimented while she served Sybok.

George placed a large amount of salad onto Sam’s plate and in response to Amanda’s questioning look and Sarek’s…look, George explained, “He’s going through a phase. It’s all he’ll eat. He’ll grow out of it soon enough.”

“Yes, although I must admit to being curious as to how you have radeeli,” Sarek paused and took a bite, “And quite good radeeli as well.”

George blushed and hoped that it was not as obvious as it felt, “I happen to be lucky enough to claim friendship with Ben Yeltosht. He may be overly obsessed with coffee but he is a wonderful cook. He also has merchant friends who are always willing to part with their goods - for a price of course.”

“How fortunate,” Sarek did not speak for the rest of the dinner (although Amanda did talk shop, cooking, with George - Sarek was apparently a horrible cook) but he did have seconds.


“Sam, why don’t you show Sybok your room?” Amanda’s suggestion got a raised eyebrow from Sybok and excited babble (“It’s Transformers!”) to fall from Sam - who immediately pulled Sybok out of the room (although he was excessively careful of his hands).

George, Sarek, and Amanda seated themselves in the living room with Sarek and George jointly carrying the playpen into the room (which Amanda received much amusement from - she was the director).

George and Amanda quickly caught up each other on their lives since high school (Amanda had gone to college and received her Master’s in genetics, her Bachelor was a dual degree of chemistry and xenon-biology and George had - obviously - joined Starfleet, graduated top of his class, and quickly moved up the ranks to second-in-command of the U.S.S Kelvin). Sarek observed the interaction of his wife and her friend while offering tidbits of current (and not-so-current) events.

“So,” Amanda paused, “There’s really no delicate way to put this but how are you doing in regards to Winona and Jim?”

“Jeez Amanda, you always did ask the hard questions,” Amanda blushed, “Well, Jim…Jimmy’s great and Sam is fantastic with him. He is determined to be the best big brother possible. Winona…Winona’s,” George sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “Do you remember how Winona acted in seventh grade when Austin kissed me?”

“You mean when she ignored you and otherwise treated you like shit?” Here George chanced a glance at Sarek to see if he reacted to the normally gentile and professional woman - that his wife generally was - cursing. Sarek didn’t even blink (George had to admit, if only to himself, that the quiet, stoic, accepting attitude was kind of a turn on after brash and arrogant Winona).

“Yeah. That’s basically how she is acting now only she is also denying that Jimmy is her’s - although multiple tests have been done. She signed her parental rights to Sam away.”

“Oh, George. You know how I feel about Winona so I won’t give you a lecture but I am here for you. Even though I haven’t seen you for years,” here Amanda lightly punched George’s arm, “And what’s up with that? I go off to college like I’ve been planning for years and you drop all communication?”

“Would you believe that Starfleet Academy was difficult?”

“No. Especially because we were getting along fine a few months into freshman year.”

George, who had been up until this point making eye contact with Amanda, suddenly leaned back and tilted his head back, “Mgnshf.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak mumble.”

“I said, Winona found out she was pregnant and told me to choose. My childhood best friend or my future wife and the mother of my children. She said that you didn’t deserve to be the ‘other woman’ and she sure as hell didn’t deserve an ‘other woman’.”

Amanda’s mouth dropped open, “That bitch!” Here Sarek inclined his head in apparent agreement with his wife.

“Well no more. And you should definitely come with us to Vulcan for the summer. You can keep me company while Sarek and Sybok gallop off with Vulcans. It’ll be good for Sam.” At George’s look of curiosity as to how she knew his tentative plans, she snorted, “Please, your mother can’t keep a secret to save her life. When she was talking about dinner tonight, I asked her and she folded like a house of cards.”


Later while Sarek and Amanda were getting ready for bed:

“So, he’s hot yea?”

“Amanda. The man has just had a child and been part of a messy divorce.”

“Yes, but he’s still hot.”

Sarek sighed, “Yes Wife. George Kirk is indeed ‘hot’.”

Amanda giggled.


George was totally in denial about his ‘feelings’ toward his best friend and her husband - even though he needed a cold shower in the morning to deal with the ‘effects’ of a particularly nice dream.




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