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 Hello Again (boy this was fast)
  I forgot to include this in the other but, who has seen the Dark Night? Batman rocks! And Christian Bale is hot! I really, really like the Joker. Heath Ledger was a genius! It sucks that he died. No more Joker. Must go read fanfic with Joker in it so I don't feel depressed (lol). 

I saw TDK twice! Once with one friend and once with another. It was awesome BOTH times. Ya know how a movie sucks the more times ya see it? This one doesn't. It's like Transformers or Indiana Jones! (btw Shia Lebouf=hot/cute). I could watch these over and over again.
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 Hello Random People,
I don't know if I have mentioned it but I like Harry Potter fanfic. Which really, is not surprising considering I hated the 5th book and on. Not to rant on any of ya but the plotlines were just stupid. And horcruxes? Not a bad idea but dontcha think Tom Riddle would have been smart enough to learn he would go starkers (insane) if he split his soul. And wouldn't the other Death Eaters (besides crazy Bellatrix) realize that Voldemort was insane? 

If you haven't realized this from my previous statements, I happen to like Slytherins. I even like crazy Bella. I like her when she's crazy r surprisingly sane. BUT, I love Sirius. So in my opinion J.K.R. lied and Sirius is alive. K? K.

Anywho, I like the Malfoys (at least Lucius and Draco), Sev. Snape, Blaise Zambini, Pansy, assorted snakes, and Tom RIddle/Lord Voldemort. At least I like them when they are not acting stupy (stupid). 

Harry is probably my favorite main character but that depends on the fic. If there are good ones with other main characters, I might read it. I'm sorry I'm picky.
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 K, had my ice cream and wanted to say something about colors. I like really soft colors like baby blue and that really neat light green. but i also like really really dark colors like vampire-movie-blood-color and green so dark it is almost black. about the color  green, i read harry potter fanfiction and i love when they describe things as Avada Kendava green. it is just cool. dork , i know *sigh* bYE off to read Buffy or SPN not sure which
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Applebees is good. Their ultimate trio thingy is good. I like the choco meltdown thing too. chocolate and ice cream and hot fudge is really really good. But i didnt actually get it so i am gonna go have some blue bunny cheesecake/blueberry/thingy ice cream. i think i'm gonna read some Sam/Dean from Supernatural too. It's my FAV. pairing and the first fanfiction i ever read. SPN went on break and I was going crazy so I looked it up and was like WOW fanfiction, cool. k, so gonna have some ice cream and mmaybe somethin else :)


Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:35 pm
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So life sucks and nothings fair, but that's not new is it?

EDIT: so I just looked over what I had posted previously and wow this post is depressing...I have no words except...ok no words. XD

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 Hey ya'll,
Merry Christmas (I know its two days before but i'll be too excited and forget on Christmas)
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 Hi! Just wanted to say hi, because my life iis so boring that nothings really happening. 
Oh wait! My mom went to Alabama to visit her grandma so my great-grandma. And I'm now into Chris/Wyatt fanfiction. Why? Honestly...no idea


Oct. 16th, 2007 04:52 pm
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stupid as this sounds, I only discovered how much I like fanfiction over the summer and then for the majority I only read Supernatural fics, towards the end I went to a few others. Now I keep finding fics from all kinds of stuff I've read! Its ridiculus(that is so spelled wrong!) how many stories I like that are so freaken unlikely with the actual show/book/movie/etc.(see its ridiculus(forgive my spelling(can you even do a parenthesis within a parenthesis, oops thats tiwce now)))<now doesnt that look funny>))) .
anywho, i'm gonna have to go through everything i ever watched, read, or, or...no i think watched or read covers it...oh no! what if it doesnt?*wail*
sorry that was just really fun to write :) 


Aug. 29th, 2007 11:58 pm
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Hiya! I'm new, well not really, been here awhile. Anywho, HI! And, um, yeah, hi. How lame do I sound? I mean really, all I can do is say hi. so hi and bye!


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