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Ok, so Torchwood. Awesome show, I started watching it because my mom liked Doctor Who as a kid and so was excited about the new SciFi shows (originally with Christopher Eccleston then David Tennant and now Matt Smith) and so I watched the new ones with her (because I am a bit of a snob when it comes to special effects and, well, other things that are lacking in the original Who) and I fell in love with the character Captain Jack Harkness who was a bit of a knight in tarnished armor. Anywho, that extremely grammatically incorrect sentence because it is a run-on sentence does actually have something to do with Torchwood. For those not in the know, Torchwood is a spin-off of Doctor Who and the main character is Captain Jack Harkness.

One of the reasons I love new Doctor Who and its resulting spin-offs is the the show does not hesitate to take it to the edge. Point in fact, Jack is paired with Ianto Jones and is a raging bisexual (only way to live dontcha know?). He is from the fifty-first century and humans have evolved to the point of having sex with anyone/anything consensual [thank god that happens eventually because now, well, that's a rant for another post ;)].

So the slash that I love is canon! YES! So, I, of course, went looking for fanfic only to find to my immense horror and surprise that there were not a lot of fics out there (or at least not any decent ones - I apologize to any that were decent and probably fabulous that I did not find during my search).

The point to this long post is that I have found the solution! / janto_recs / ! janto_recs is a community where you can rec Ianto/Jack fics. They have several rules that makes things efficient and awesome (I think my word of the month is awesome...awesome!): no bashing, you cannot rec your own work, ONLY recs no searches (although a community for that would be cool too - note to self...and readers...I'll have to make a post describing my love of search communities), no asking for fics or rec, etc, and best of all the main pairing must be Ianto/Jack (although others are allowed) (there are other rules but these are the main, in my opinion, rules).

Bottom line (although this won't be the last line in the post XD) is that it is an awesome resource located at this url:

Also, they have TAGS! (see earlier post for why tags are awesome or just know that they make life simpler and organized).
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Hugh Jackman (hot and a really great actor!) but I'd rather just keep David Tennant. :( He is such a great doctor and has chemistry with the other long-term characters.

EDIT: I have know actually watched the new season and I like Matt Smith. He's cute and a good actor. The Amy/Eleven/Rory dynamic is a neat addition to the show. Also, a good fanfic pairing...


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